Disaster Preparedness Drill at Medilodge of Sterling


On October 17, 2017 Medilodge of Sterling along with Mobile Medical Response (MMR), Arenac County Transit, Sterling Area Fire Department, The Standish-Sterling Schools, 911, St. Mary’s of Michigan Hospital Standish, Region 3, and the Arenac County Emergency Coordinator, teamed together to simulate a disaster situation.
At approximately 9:00am the drill began with a notification of a severe winter storm. As the drill progressed staff at Medilodge of Sterling were faced with several obstacles to overcome, such as no heat and no power. This led them to simulate an evacuation of the entire facility. Medilodge of Sterling then assisted each “resident” placing an identifying wristband as well as identifying medical information, tracking sheet and mobility identifier in a lanyard pouch for each Lodger. The “residents” were then evacuated via ambulance, school bus, or transit to the safe locations determined by our triage and disaster plan.
Thanks to Jeanette Lemmer for leading Medilodge of Sterling in our disaster preparedness efforts, coordinating with all of the agencies, and organizing the drill. A great team effort was put forth by the Medilodge staff and the community agencies. Due to the meticulous planning and preparation, Medilodge of Sterling was able to transport all of the “residents” safely to their designated locations and account for their transportation, destination and location at all times.
The drill, which took approximately three hours, was a valuable learning experience and success. Medilodge of Sterling thanks all that participated!

The pictures show Medical Mobile Response (MMR) Transporting “Residents” to St. Mary’s of Standish,
Lyndsay Soule Social Services RN, Bonita Mattson Director of Nursing, Valerie Savino RN Unit Manager, Jeanette Lemmer Director of Housekeeping, Anna Housekeeper and Elizabeth Grill Director of Activities working together to evacuate “Residents” from the building,
Standish-Sterling School Bus assisting in evacuation,
Medilodge of Sterling “residents” loading onto the Arenac County Transit,
Sterling Area Fire on stand-by while evacuating the building, and
Bob Craig Dietary Manager assist resident out of the building.

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