Joanne W.

When I first got into the facility I was at my worst pain level and Clark, Lyndsay, Chris and Paige were the first to greet me at the door. They helped me get settled and gave me my dignity at a time I really needed it. From the nurses, doctors, nurse practitioner, CNAs, housekeeping, to dietary- they are all incredible, outgoing, helpful, and encouraging. I would not be where I’m at with my recover without them. I want to state I have not had a bad experience here. The facility is very clean and the food is surprisingly good. The atmosphere is very inviting from all the smiles, laughter and sometimes singing; its makes it easier to recover. The staff is always giving encouragement and makes you want to get better and push yourself more. I want everyone to know how much you have helped me and how much I appreciate it. Overall, this building is a 5 star from my point of view!

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