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Leon F

When I arrived at Medilodge of Sterling, in August, I felt like my life was just hanging by a thread. I was in the process of signing up for palliative care and was expecting to die. I felt that would be my only release from the debilitating pain, was discouraged, and saw no hope of recovery. The excellent therapy team at Medilodge did not give up on me. They worked tirelessly and applauded each small victory. Words can’t express how grateful I am for the incredible team here in Sterling. The nurses, doctors, CNAs, therapists, dining staff, activities staff, office staff, etc., have all worked hard to restore my health and turn my despair into hope. Encouraging me continuously and making me smile again. I have so much to be thankful for and will never forget the beautiful souls that genuinely cared and restored my strength and hope. They truly show a spirit of excellence.

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